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It was founded on 26th September 2018 by two founders and guest members who are brilliant entrepreneurs with innovative solutions and creative minds.

Ochieng Quinter, an Award Winning Founder of the year Africa 2021 and graduate in Film and Theatre Arts as well as a change oriented person is the founder and the Director.

TUSC Concepts is an educational entertainment company based in Nairobi for youths(ages 16-35). It approaches entertainment in seven dimensions: Edutainment, Talent search and Nurturing, Community Outreach, Youth Empowerment, Events and, Charity-Platforms that provides community arts, builds leadership, selfsufficiency and cultivates social change.

TUSC offers a creative safe space to empower youth in developing their artistic skills and creative mind-set through talent search and nurturing, merging the diversity of youths from urban and rural areas, formal & informal settlements. It's currently running three institutions namely : Happy Promotion Center in Mukuru Kwa Njenga, Kibera Dance Academy and Sanaa Art Center.


Our vision is to: Create a society where art is used as a powerful tool for dialogue, social transformation, and personal growth, positively impacting individuals and communities


Our mission at Art for Change is to: To empower youth through artistic expression and creativity, fostering
social change and inspiring healthier communities.


1) Promote Sustainability and Responsible Consumption

We aim to promote sustainability and responsible consumption by recycling waste into innovative fashion pieces and artworks.

2) Engage Communities through Visual Arts

We strive to engage communities by addressing social issues, celebrating diversity, and fostering unity through visual arts.

3) Utilize Performance Art for Social Change

By utilizing performance art, including dance and theatre, we seek to inspire empathy, advocate for inclusivity, and drive social change.


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